The 5 Steps My Lesbian Clients Take to Prevent a Breakup, Reconnect, and Build a Thriving Relationship

(Without Wasting Years in Therapy)

In This Free Online Masterclass You’ll Learn…

  • The ONE skill you need to instantly reconnect with each other.
  • The SOLUTION to your brain reflex that’s sabotaging your relationship peace.
  • The SECRET to getting loads more of what you crave from your partner.
  • The BIG shift that will take your relationship from ho-hum to yippie!
  • The SIMPLE steps to create the happiest relationship you’ve ever had (even if you’ve tried couples counseling previously and it didn’t work).

…and how to do all of this while rediscovering the love and passion you had in the beginning of your relationship. ​​​​
“We loved that Dr. Spann provided a safe and welcoming space for us instantly. We felt open to sharing and she provided wonderful exercises for us to practice. Dr. Spann brought us closer together and we are very grateful.”Satisfied Client

Lynda Spann, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Lynda Spann is a licensed marriage therapist and relationship coach. She has been helping lesbian couples transform their struggling relationships for more than 20 years. Known for her practical, relatable approach, she specializes in fast, radical growth for life. Lynda and her wife live in Denver, Colorado.